Measurement instruments for PV solar cell research and production.

What's new

February 2014 > Sherescan 2.0: Measure selective emitters
November 2014 > Corescan 4 & 5 busbar: Software available to measure contactresistance for solar cells with one to five busbars




Corescan - instrument for mapping of Contact Resistance of front side grid

Corescan is used for detailed surface mapping of contact resistance between the emitter and the metallization grid of solar cells. Other standard mapping modes in the instrument are for shunt resistance; short circuit current (LBIC) and open circuit voltage (Voc). Corescan instrument is indispensable for optimisation of cell efficiency, trouble shooting and R&D. 

Sherescan - instrument for mapping Sheet Resistance of emitter 

To achieve high efficiency crystalline silicon solar cells, the uniformity and reproducibility of the emitter plays a major role. The knowledge of the emitter sheet resistance across the surface of a single wafer, and of the reproducibility from wafer to wafer is essential in optimizing the emitter diffusion process. Sherescan instrument also offers other modes of measurement: P/N recognition, metal conductivity and NEW selective emitter. 

SunLab B2B – instrument for measuring busbar to busbar resistance 

To achieve high efficiency solar cells, series resistance plays a major role, and front side grid resistance is one of the components. The front side grid resistance on its turn is dependent on the print definition and print quality. A practical assessment of the grid resistance & print quality is to measure the resistance in between two busbars (B2B resistance). SunLab B2B is made for measuring the resistance of all fingers between two busbars on an H-pattern solar cell.